Have you tried this?

I admit, I've just started experimenting with Jacob Liberman's exercises for improving eyesight. I hope they help improve my near-sightedness, but even if they don't, his revolutionary view of vision will change how you see and how you can see without your glasses or contact lenses! 

His book Take Off Your Glasses and See teaches you how to free yourself from prescription lenses, how to build your awareness, and how to open up both your inner and outer vision to see more clearly.

Liberman says that most vision problems are the result of an unconscious decision to "close your eyes" to emotional discomfort or pain. Increasingly strong glasses or contacts only cause your eyesight to get even weaker. When you remove your glasses, learn to breathe, and shift your perception, you can often solve vision problems. 

I'd love to hear what you think. Watch this video to hear this in his own words!

You’ve heard the old joke, right? Mr. Jones goes to his doctor with a very strange complaint.
“Doc, sometimes I think I’m a teepee, and sometimes I think I’m a wigwam.”
I’ll spare you the long version, but the doctor delivers the punchline: “Mr. Smith, you’re two tents.”
(Too tense … get it? Groan!)
You’re Probably “Two Tents”
The truth is, most of us are “two tents.” We spend way too much time dealing with stress – at work, with our partners or kids, with traffic, watching the news, or fighting about politics on social media. With the constant din of things that need attention, it’s tough to stay relaxed. 

Do you ever struggle with self-doubt?
Does self-doubt keep you from being as happy as you could be?
Is self-doubt holding you back from being the creative, joyful, vibrant person you know you’re capable of becoming?

Almost everybody wrestles with an inner voice or lack of confidence from time to time. 

If you’ve managed to move forward and live happily despite your self-doubt, congratulations! Go forth and rock. 

True story...

In 2004, I was the lead attorney in a law office in Northern Michigan, married to a vibrant woman. I lived in an awesome, chalet-style home next to thousands of acres of National Forest. I was a five-minute drive from Grand Traverse Bay and had countless opportunities for outdoor adventure within an hour's drive. As a person who has always been committed to living with joy and abundance, I should have been on top of the world!

Instead, I was deeply unhappy. 

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's is the pioneer of "optimal experience." His studies revealed that a genuinely satisfying experience often occurs in a state of consciousness called flow

During flow, people typically experience deep enjoyment, creativity, and a total immersion. Csikszentmihalyi- no I can't pronounce it either - explains in his book Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience how the immersive experience can be produced intentionally. 

It's well worth learning his methodologies to help order the information we encounter, and with some practice, discovering greater happiness, unlock more potential, and move toward our dreams of a spectacular life.

Watch his TED talk ... I'd love to hear how you use the information he shares!

Do you lack confidence?
Does fear or uncertainty keep you from doing things you want to do?
Can you envision yourself living a bolder, more vibrant life?
Do you ever ask yourself (or others): “How can I become more confident?”
While it may seem that most other people have as much confidence as they need, the truth is that almost everybody suffers from the paralysis of fear or uncertainty. Some only once in a while; some nearly every day! It can be a small obstacle to a happy life, with only a bit of anxiety or sleepless night once in a while, or it can be crushing, keeping otherwise capable people stuck in a rut or almost completely incapable of leaving the house. 

Do you suffer from guilt?
Is feeling guilty a barrier to happiness for you?
Is guilt keeping you from doing the things you know you’re capable of?
You’re not alone! You probably know that lots of people struggle with feeling guilty. Some just take note of their feelings and get on with their lives, but other people’s guilt truly keeps them from living up to their potential for happiness, for rich relationships, for leadership potential, for financial success. 

Sleep helps consolidate learning, improves health, adds to your sense of joy.

Sleep deprivation slows learning, diminishes recovery, and creates a drag on your exhilaration!

Matthew Walker, author of Why We Sleep, shares the science of sleep with great clarity.

Stay awake!

Sleep is one of many key high-performance habits we cover at Permission - The Event. Read more about Permission here.

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